Our services
  • Outdoor and indoor power network installation, repair and operation.
  • Illumination systems installation.
  • Lightning protection and earthing systems installation.
  • Heating cables installation
  • Electric measurements.


Closed Joint Stock Company „Adrelsta“ was incorporated in 2003.  Main business includes electrical installation, maintenance, repair and operational activities. 

  • The company has been certified in the prescribed order, it has prepared and approved BUILDING REGULATIONS ST 6176639.02:2003.
  • Th State Energy Inspectorate granted the company Certificate No. E-0498 entitling to pursue the business of power installations operation.
  • UAB „Adrelsta“ has been granted CERTIFICATE No. 3288 issued by the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA authorizing to conduct construction of buildings and sections of buildings in residential and non-residential properties of special importance.
The company offers only premium quality services to its customers:
  • Firm and secure long-term guarantees provided.
  • A synergetic and highly motivated high-skilled team will find solutions to the most complex tasks within its sphere of activities.
  • Modern sophisticated technologies applied by using our own and customer’s materials. 
  • We work when it is convenient for our customer.We conduct operations in the entire territory of Lithuania.

Our clients

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